Salón ACME 
February 5 - 8, 2015.
Karian Amaya, Miguel A. Aragón, Tomás Contreras, Alfredo Espinoza, Oscar Gardea, Olga Guerra.

The figure of the desert in Bolaño's work allows us to imagine an unexplored and infertile space. An oasis of horror in the middle of a desert of boredom, as indicated in the epigraph of 2666. Horror is to think of Chihuahua, in the black legend of Ciudad Juárez (Bolaño’s Santa Teresa): the smuggling of alcoholic beverages during the era of American prohibition, the largest arms trade from Texas, a prostitution network and human trafficking, femicides and drug trafficking, all in the midst of a corrupt government and a crumbling city.

Each one of the pieces presented in this exhibition has in common a concern to point out and locate itself in the concept of territory.