Memories of the Air - Felix Blume
Centro Roberto Garza Sada, UDEM
September 23 – October 26, 2019

An invitation to listen through empty jars that are full of invisible interests, searches and memories. The sounds that draw a landscape of Monterrey and its surroundings from multiple singularities are kept in a translucent space. This installation is the result of a participatory project with blind and low vision people carried out in September 2019, at the University of Monterrey.

Participants Hernán Valdez, Mauricio Pedroza, Luis Moreno, Manuel Cortez, María Laura Cano and Félix Blume
With the support of Carmen Garza, Rogelio Valdez and Irma Laura Barrón
Thanks to José Eugenio Sánchez, Isaac, Lorena Canales, Leticia López Villarreal, Arantza Arechavela, Daniel López, Ana Karen Morales, Natalia Garza, Daniela Guerra and Karla Hinojosa