2021 - ONGOING

I’ve been watching a live feed camera located on the Paso del Norte International Bridge, on the border between Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas. I have captured thousands of images where you could observe the daily life of a border: People who cross with piñatas to celebrate with their family, people who are in uniform to work in a fast food chain and citizens who were allowed to cross freely between the two cities.

I was also able to observe hundreds of deportations of immigrants that occurred under the Migrant Protection Protocols and the Title 42, which used COVID-19 as an excuse to speed up their removal from the United States.

These deportations were happening constantly, with daily groups of up to 100 people, starting as early as 5 in the morning and lasting until midnight. Children, women and men walked in the opposite direction escorted by CBP officers to the middle of the bridge, where they were left to their fate in a city they did not know, without resources and guidance.

The idea of the uniform caught my attention. We're scared of green CBP uniforms and it's easier to cross over to work in a McDonald’s uniform, we even try to blend in with our "american" clothes but on many occasions, deportees wear blue clothing that is given to them at a Immigration Detention Facility. Here they are stripped of their belts, shoes, shoelaces, and other personal belongings. Other times, on rainy days, they are seen crossing with space blankets to protect themselves from the weather.

This archive in an ongoing project that explores the complex relationships of the migratory, financial and health crisis taking place in a single fixed video frame.