Horror pleni. Demasiado lleno, demasiado ruido.
Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Subsuelo, Antigua Cárcel de Miguelete, Montevideo, Uruguay.
Temporada 17. March 12 - May 24, 2015
Miguel A. Aragón, Roberto Cárdenas, Juan David Laserna, Pamela Zeferino, Dmitri Zúrita.

By different means, the works try to separate us from the saturation of images in which we are submerged, and to get out of the consequent
numbness they produce. Removing, we see differently. The meanings attached to the actions and customs or to the iconographic images of the hypermediated society are destabilized, and invite us to explore a less contaminated look.

Fernando Sicco - Director Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo

Exhibition booklet (Spanish)