Hopefully Invisible - Julio César Morales
Venues: Institute of Architecture, Design and Art; University City; Ciudad Juarez Art Museum; Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, Campus Ciudad Juárez; National Pedagogical University of Chihuahua; Cross-border Cultural Week - Technology Hub
August 16 – September 30, 2016

Project Supported by Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo and Emergent Art Space, San Francisco

Through the implementation of a series of media and visual strategies, Julio César Morales investigates issues of migration, underground economies, and labor on personal and global scales. Morales works with any medium that lends itself to a particular project. He has painted watercolors diagramming methods of human trafficking, used DJ turntables, produced neon signs, recreated a famous meal, all to elucidate social interactions and political perspectives.