Agua /// Frontera - Zeke Peña

Juarez Contemporary, Ciudad Juarez, Chih, Mexico.
July 23 – September 19, 2015

For border artist Ezequiel "Zeke" Peña, rasquachismo transforms forgotten objects, as well as spaces and landscapes that have been forgotten or overlooked, as has been the case with the border desert, the Rio Grande, and the Rio Bravo. Zeke's work is a reminder of the importance of transforming these forgotten objects and places, to create a sense of community not only for the present, but for future generations.

Artworks have been created on top of pieces of wood, and are based on the stories and intimate memories of those who once lived, but today have been lost or died during their journeys through the border deserts. Gallons of plastic, some empty and some full of water remind us that without it we cannot survive. With the support and participation of the community, these bottles have been transformed with written messages, traces and codices that serve as offerings for those who have fled, as well as to quench their thirst on their journeys to the North.

These are the messages and prayers of the artist and the border people that they consciously express, focusing on what has been overlooked, thrown away or abandoned, but with Agua/Frontera a project based on brotherhood and community has been created to once again give light to these stories, objects and characters, and once again reintegrate them into Mother Earth.

Claudia Ley - Project collaborator.