Inaugurated in April 2016 and closed in May 2018, Proyectos Impala was an exhibition space and Library Specialized in Contemporary Art in Ciudad Juárez. The project was born in the face of a cultural and artistic emergency due to the lack of alternative spaces for the arts and the formation of audiences, as well as the non-existence of a collection of publications specialized in contemporary art in the locality.

Contrary to a fixed space, it proposed to reach the public through a nomadic platform that allowed it to move to all areas of the city, becoming an attractive, dynamic and inclusive space. Impala was a contemporary art gallery and specialized library inside a large trailer dry box that conducted curatorial projects in the public space and managed a space for socialization, learning, creation and discovery, where bibliographic material and documentation of contemporary art. Its library once had more than 1,500 publications that could be accessed free of charge.

It was a non-commercial space that dialogued and confronted the problems of our region, with the mission of covering most of the city, bringing unique proposals and positioning itself as a key driver for the transformation of ways of experiencing art.

The gallery was a Theurer brand box, 1976 completely restored and equipped.

In its two years of work, it received more than 18,000 visitors with 9 exhibitions in the box, 3 in museums and gallery spaces along with talks and workshops in renowned venues.

Director and Curator
Alejandro Morales

Work team:
Dina Vazquez
Jose Morales
Horey Silva
Alexandra César

Advisory Board
Francis Alÿs, artist
Kerry Doyle, Director of the Stanlee and Gerald Rubin Center for the Visual Arts at UTEP
Alpha Escobedo, Head of the Department of Art at the Autonomous University of Ciudad Juárez
Julio César Morales, Artist and Curator of the Arizona State University Museum

The project was financed with grants and sponsorships from
Los Tristes
SVM Transports
Chihuahuan Institute of Culture (2015)
Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo (2016 - 2017)
ISE NY Cultural Foundation (2016)
Emergent Art Space (2016)
Development and Co-investments of FONCA (2016)