2010- 2016

I removed all the corpses I found from the Ciudad Juárez local newspaper “P.M”.

The erasing procedure is a completely manual process with a rubber eraser. The accumulation of residues that are obtained by erasing these inert bodies create a metaphor of the ashes - by which it is intended to grant an opportunity for mourning, a last image, a more dignified form of death

From this archive different works were created in various formats from video, installation and editorial projects.

The crude way in which unidentified bodies are exhibited and photographed shows how the media is echoing the violence of the drug war and fuelling the necroaesthetic build-up which developed around it. Beyond the obvious reference to cremation of the body and to the remaining ashes, Alejandro MORALES’s erasures are a critique and an aesthetic solution at the same time. The softness of the gum, the duration of the erasing process and its ritual connotations radically confront the immediacy and brutality of these death cases. At the end of the action, the place of the body remains white, as if someone finally took the trouble to cover it with a white blanket, a gesture soothing the collective deprivation of decency and mourning.

Rona Kopeczky,Curator at Ludwig Museum in Budapest

Polvo eres, 2012 - 2013

Glass cube; 14 grams of rubber residue with which 100 bodies of the Juarez newspaper "PM" were erased.

Acquisition Award XIX Biennial of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

Damnatio memoriae (Chapo Guzmán covered with his own name erased from the Juarez newspaper PM), 2014